For more than 20 years, our company has assisted Dealers in being more profitable and effective in meeting industry challenges and trends. We have counseled, coached, and mentored our clients into top performers and leaders in:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Loyalty
  • and CSI through a culture of engagement, particularly in terms of relational development with dealership customers.

Here are a few examples:

A National TOP 5 (new car sales) Nissan client:

What we did: Assisted in improving their customer retention, loyalty, and CSI performance.

The result: Within 3 years they

  • Grew from 5 Service Advisors and 1 lane manager to 16 service advisors
  • Within three-years, annual service gross improved more than $4,000,000 per year

One of the nation’s largest auto retailers received notice that two of their most sought-after import OEMs would not approve further franchise acquisitions until overall corporate CSI performance improved. 

What we did: Their two highest CSI performing Honda stores employed our company and and began using our CSI solutions. For several years now they have been enjoying top 10% CSI. We have subsequently been employed in more than seventy (70) of their stores assisting each of them in attaining OEM CSI compliance.

The result:

  • In less than a year, they reached the CSI goal required by both OEMs, allowing them to revive their acquisition and growth plans.
  • More than 15 years later we remain employed in their dealerships today.

Corporate officials strongly recommended that a volume North Carolina Honda dealer employ us to help them fix their CSI.

What we did: We met with the dealer, explaining that we did not work for Honda but individual dealers. He agreed to employ us to improve their CSI and also implement our loyalty and retention solutions.

The result:

  • Within five months CSI was no longer an issue and the dealership reliably ranked at the top 20% in both SSI and TSI for their district and zone.
  • At the end of our fourth year the dealership had realized substantial improvement in car sales and fixed ops growth. They also consistently placed top 20% IN CSI.
  • Vehicle units were up 809 units the fourth year and 1,446 more units delivered over the four year period.
  • Increase from 4 to 12 Service Advisors; repair orders were 9,995 more than the starting baseline excluding internals with $1,413,375 more in labor gross; over the first four years, 31,351 more repair orders.

A Honda Zone Manager began recommending us to his highest volume dealers with poor CSI in an effort to move his newly assigned Zone from the worst in the nation.

What we did: We meet with each Dealer to explain what we did, how we did it, and what support would be necessary from them to reach the desired results. Around twenty-five of the highest volume dealers in his Zone decided to bring us on.

The result:
In less than a year, his Zone’s sales and service CSI had improvement to the point they consistently were taking the Top spot nationally in CSI.

Owner of a Honda store in his state’s capital city wanted to improve growth, customer retention, CSI, and consistently earn the President’s award. Fifteen years ago we became a partner in their initiative and remain with them today.

What we did: We meet with upper management to gain a commitment of accountability not only for management but for all frontline employees. We then implemented the necessary solutions and measured them for consistent compliance. The right culture developed and remains in the walls today producing a long run of outstanding results.

The result:

  • They were just awarded the 2015 Honda President’s Award for a state record breaking 13th time.
  • They also were named a Honda Masters Circle Award recipient, the highest distinction given by the AHMC. The Masters Circle is an invitation-only program that recognizes dealerships across the country that delivered the highest new vehicle sales numbers in a given year.
  • The have also received two highly coveted Elite Dealer awards in recent years.
As these examples illustrate, we have developed a customizable blueprint that helps dealers enjoy more referral and repeat business, retain more customers, sell more cars, drive revenue, and create a culture of loyalty from both customers and employees. I believe we have that special sauce that ensures you will thrive, not just survive, revolutionary changes that are occurring in our industry.